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We offer a range of annual courses which complement the fields into which we are researching and support the development of specialist expertise in many areas. These courses are backed by a Department with an internationally recognised reputation for research and present a unique blend of theoretical and practical lectures taught by leading specialists in cardiology, who bring with them their exceptional expertise. We currently run courses on: 

Barts & The Heart EP Grand Round Meeting Series

The Barts Heart Centre EP Grand Round Meeting series provides a forum for discussing aspects of clinical care of patients with cardiac arrhythmias and the group will meet throughout the year on 18th January, 22nd February, 18th April, 20th June, 19th September, 17th October and 21st November at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Robin Brook Centre, Morris Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, West Smithfield, London EC1A 7BE. .  Coffee is served in the 1st-floor lobby area from 18.00 and the meeting will commence at 18.30 hours and should last one hour, with refreshments being served afterwards by Humdingers Caterers. 

These meetings are intended for the consultants at the Barts Heart Centre to take ownership of meetings on a rotational basis with invitations to consultants from other specialities to attend as required e.g. GUCH doctors / MRI specialists / surgeons will be invited.  The discussions will be of high quality and attended by consultants as well as a large number of junior doctors, nurses and technicians.   This forum allows considerable interchange between staff of different hospitals and will be a very valuable addition to the London electrophysiology scene.  Presentations scheduled for this year are:








18 January

Professor Richard Schilling and Professor Pier Lambiase

Inherited Arrhythmias


22nd  February

Outside Speaker



18th April

Essex CTC



20th June

Dr  Oliver Segal and Dr Ron Simon

Conventional EP/SVts


19th  September

Dr Simon Sporton  & Dr Tony Chow



17 October

Dr Malcolm Finlay and Dr Syed Ahsan

New Technologies in EP/SVTs


21st  November

Dr Edward Rowland and Dr Fakhar Khan

Conventional EP/SVTs

ICD/Pacemaker/EP/AF Courses on 12th, 13th and 14th July 2016

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For any further information regarding the courses mentioned above, please contact Eleanor McFarlane-Henry, Research and Training Coordinator at:

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