cardiac cardiology collaborators

The Cardiology Research Department is entirely dependant on funds provided to us by our supporters in order to operate. Research is expensive and we cannot continue our investment without the generosity and vision of our many partners in charity, in industry, and in the National Health Service. Our most important collaborators are our patients and their families. They play an essential part in helping doctors to develop new treatments for the benefit of everyone in the community.

The realisation of our mission to provide world class patient care through our research would absolutely not be possible without the external grants and grant funded-contracts for many of our staff. We are enormously grateful for the financial support provided to us by the British Heart Foundation and also for the financial, drug and device donations from companies such as Biosense WebsterBiotronikBoston ScientificMedtronicHansen Medical and St Jude Medical. [Please note, all links to external websites open in new windows.]


If you are a member of charity, industry, or a private individual who would like to contribute to the advancement of cardiology research through a donation, or sponsorship of a course or meeting series, please contact us for information on how to do so - your contribution, however large or small, will go straight to the "heart" of the problem.  

Media Services

If you are a member of a media organization who would like more information on services we can provide to television, radio and the press, such as interviews and press releases, please contact us to arrange an appointment.


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