QMUL Lipid Mediator Unit

Objective of the Unit: The QMUL Lipid Mediator Unit is a QMUL Core Service that provides the instrumentation and expertise to investigate endogenous protective mechanisms  that may become disregulated in disease with a focus on bioactive lipid mediators (Figure 1). 

Overview of the services: The Unit utilizes state of the art Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS-MS; Figure 2) based techniques to identify and quantify bioactive lipid mediators (LM), their precursors and pathway markers in biological systems. The Unit also utilizes LC-MS-MS based techniques to identify and quantify both known and novel further metabolites for each of the bioactive mediators.  Together these provide an insight into the resolution status of the biological system(s) being investigated (e.g. cell incubations, organs, tissues etc), protective pathways that become dysregulated during disease as well as potential novel therapeutic leads.




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