Inflammation: Experimental Medicine & Pharmacology

The WHRI is a world leader in studying molecular mechanisms of leukocyte trafficking in the Centre for Microvascular Research. Cutting edge research looks into areas in the inflamed microcirculation, in characterising players and receptors of the resolution of inflammation and in developing innovative targeting approaches for drug delivery to the arthritic joint.

Nourshargh’s team is elucidating the critical roles of key proteins that mediate inflammatory cell movement across and through venular walls at sites of inflammation. This work dovetails with that of Nightingale (Early Career Researcher) who focuses on processes of intracellular endothelial receptor trafficking; and of Voisin who is investigating the nature of such cellular movements in the context of leukocyte-lymphatic interactions. Furthermore, Suzuki is elucidating the role of innate immune cells in myocardial repair whilst Henson’s studies focus on immune cell senescence and Whiteford is studying the impact of extracellular matrix proteins on the development of the microcirculation.

Perretti and Flower are detailing the biology of Annexin A1 and its receptor ALX in inflammation, with parallel streams in resolution formelanocortins (Perretti), galectins (Cooper) and omega-3-derived resolvins (Norling). An interest in regenerative medicine is pursued in the context of chondrocyte for cartilage repair (Dell'Accio). Strategies for targeted delivery to the joint encompass the LAP technology (Chernajovsky), homing peptides (Pitzalis) and antibodies to modified collagen (Nissim).

This stream is complemented by our interest in immunology with focus on T cell trafficking in the context of the anatomy of immune responses and autoimmunity (Marelli-Berg), and the influence of metabolic mediators (Mauro) together with the inter-links with cardiovascular disease (Longhi). Haworth (Early Career Researcher) is studying innate immune T cells in disease models, with Aksoy (Early Career Researcher) focusing on macrophage phagocytosis and PI3 kinase. D'Acquisto is investigating connections between the immune system and the brain in autoimmune diseases. Marelli-Berg discovered the role of the endothelium in tissue-specific T cell recruitment in heart transplantation and her Gates Grand Challenge Exploration Award ($1M) brings the opportunity to develop new vaccines. 


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