Pucino, Valentina

Arthritis Research UK - Clinical Research Fellow

Summary of Research

Role of metabolism in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.




Key Publications

Research papers

  1. Pucino V, Lucherini OM, Perna F, Obici L, Merlini G, Cattalini M, La Torre F|, Maggio MC, Lepore MT, Magnotti F, Galgani M, Galeazzi M, Marone G, De Rosa V, Talarico R, Cantarini L and Matarese G. Differential impact of high and low penetrance TNFRSF1A gene mutations on conventional and regulatory CD4+ T cell functions in Tumor Necrosis Factor 1 Receptor-Associated Periodic Syndrome. J Leukoc Biol. 2016; 99: 761-9.
  2. Cantarini L*, PucinoV*, VitaleA, Talarico R, Lucherini OM, Magnotti F, De Rosa V, Galgani M, Alviggi C, Marone G, Galeazzi M, Matarese G. Immunometabolic biomarkers of inflammation in Behçet’s disease: relationship with epidemiological profile, disease activity and therapeutic regimes. Clin Exp Immunol. 2016; 184: 197-207.*Equal contribution
  3. Omodei D*, Pucino V*, Labruna G, Procaccini C, Galgani, Perna F, Pirozzi D, De Caprio C, Marone G, Fontana L, Contaldo F, Pasanisi F, Matarese G, Sacchetti L. Immune-metabolic profiling of anorexic patients reveals an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory phenotype. Metabolism 2015; 64:396-405 *Equal contribution
  4. Cassano S, Pucino V, La Rocca C, Procaccini C, De Rosa V, Marone G, Matarese G. Leptin modulates autophagy in human CD4(+)CD25(-) conventional T cells. Metabolism 2014; 63:1272-9. 


  1. Pucino V, Bombardieri M, Pitzalis C, Mauro C. Lactate at the crossroads of metabolism, inflammation, and autoimmunity. Eur J Immunol. 2017; 47:14-21.
  2. Haas R, Cucchi D, Smith J, Pucino V, Macdougall CE, Mauro C. Intermediates of Metabolism: From Bystanders to Signalling Molecules. Trends Biochem Sci. 2016; 41: 460-71.
  3. Procaccini C, De Rosa V, Pucino V, Formisano L, Matarese G. Animal models of Multiple Sclerosis. Eur J Pharmacol. 2015; 759:182-91
  4. Procaccini C*, Pucino V*, De Rosa V, Marone G, Matarese G. Neuro-endocrine networks controlling immune system in health and disease. Front Immunol 2014; 5:143  *Equal contribution
  5. Pucino V, De Rosa V, Procaccini C, Matarese G. Regulatory T cells, Leptin and Angiogenesis. Chem Immunol Allergy Basel Karger 2014; 99:155-169
  6. Procaccini C, Pucino V, Mantzoros C, Matarese G. Leptin in autoimmune disease. Metabolism 2015; 64:92-104
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