Lucchesi, Davide

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Areas of Interest

Inflammation, tertiary lymphoid structures, Sjögren’s Syndrome, autoimmunity, mucosal immunity, host-pathogen interaction. 

Key Publications

Barone F., S. Nayar, J. Campos, T. Cloake, D. R Withers, K. Toellner, Y. Zhang, L. Fouser, B. Fisher, S. Bowman, J. Rangel-Moreno, M. Garcia-Hernandez, T. D Randall, D. Lucchesi, M. Bombardieri, C. Pitzalis, S. A Luther, C. D Buckley. IL-22 regulates lymphoid chemokine production and assembly of tertiary lymphoid organs. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences. Volume 112, Issue 35, pp. 11024-11029, 2015.

Lucchesi D., C. Pitzalis, M. Bombardieri. EBV and other viruses as triggers of tertiary lymphoid structures in primary Sjögren's syndrome. Expert review of clinical immunology. Volume 10, Issue 4, pp. 445-455, 2014.

Italiani P., E. Mazza, D. Lucchesi, I. Cifola, C. Gemelli, A. Grande, C. Battaglia, S. Bicciato, D. Boraschi. Transcriptomic Profiling of the Development of the Inflammatory Response in Human Monocytes In Vitro. Plos One. Volume 9, Issue 2, 2014.

Lucchesi D., M. Bombardieri, The role of viruses in autoreactive B cell activation within tertiary lymphoid structures in autoimmune diseases. Journal of leukocyte biology. Volume 94, Issue 6, pp. 1191-1199, 2013.

Quattroni P., Y. Li, D. Lucchesi, S. Lucas, D. W. Hood, M. Herrmann, H. Gabius, C.M. Tang, R. M. Exley Galectin-3 binds Neisseria meningitidis and increases interaction with phagocytic cells. Cellular Microbiology. Volume 14, Issue 11, pp. 1657-1675, 2012.

Bombardieri M., F. Barone, D. Lucchesi, S. Nayar, W. B. van den Berg, G. Proctor, C. D. Buckley, C. Pitzalis. Inducible tertiary lymphoid structures, autoimmunity, and exocrine dysfunction in a novel model of salivary gland inflammation in C57BL/6 mice.
Journal of Immunology. Volume 189, Issue 7, pp. 3767-3776, 2012.

Boraschi, D., D. Lucchesi, S. Hainzl, M. Leitner, E. Maier, D. Mangelberger, GJ. Oostingh, T. Pfaller, C. Pixner, G. Posselt, P. Italiani, MF. Nold, CA .Nold-Petry, P. Bufler and CA. Dinarello. IL-37: a new anti-inflammatory cytokine of the IL-1 family. European cytokine network. Volume 22, Issue 3, pp. 127-47, 2011.

Oostingh, GJ., E. Casals, P. Italiani, R. Colognato, R. Stritzinger, J. Ponti, T. Pfaller, Y. Kohl, D. Ooms, F. Favilli, H. Leppens, D. Lucchesi, F. Rossi, I. Nelissen, H. Thielecke, VF. Puntes, A. Duschl and D. Boraschi. Problems and challenges in the development and validation of human cell-based assays to determine nanoparticle-induced immunomodulatory effects. Particle and fibre toxicology. Volume 8, Issue 1, p. 8, 2011.

Bondioli, L., L. Costantino, A. Ballestazi, D. Lucchesi, D. Boraschi, F. Pellati, S. Benvenuti, G. Tosi and M.A. Vandelli. PLGA nanoparticles surface decorated with the sialic acid, N-acetylneuraminic acid. Biomaterials, Volume 31, Issue 9, pp 2453-2700, 2010.

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