Coe, David

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Research: Immunology, T cells, Chemotaxis, Transplantation Biology

I completed my PhD in tumour immunology at Imperial College in 2011, where our research was focused on the effect of regulatory T cells and the tumour microenvironment on the efficacy of T cell immunotherapy. In 2012 I joined Federica Marelli-Berg’s lab at the WHRI. Since then we have completed a fascinating paper on the role of cMet in T cell infiltration of the heart, forged productive international collaborations and developed award-winning new technological innovations. 

Summary of Research

I am currently studying the effect of the proton channel (Hv1) in T cells. Hv1 is a highly evolutionary conserved protein with a critical role in maintaining effective bacterial clearance, cell motility, intracellular pH and reactive oxygen species production. However, little is known about it’s effects in T cells. We have produced interesting data that suggest that Hv1 regulates intracellular pH and changes the metabolic potential of T cells.


Key Publications

Mauro C, Smith J, Danilo C, Coe D, Fu H, Bonacina F, Baragetti A, Cermenati G, Caruso D, Mitro N, Catapano AL, Ammirati E, Lonhgi MP, Okkenhaug K, Norata GD and Marelli-Berg FM. Obesity-Induced Metabolic Stress Leads to Biased Effector Memory CD4+ T Cell Differentiation via PI3K p110δ-Akt-Mediated Signals. Cell Metabolism. 2017. 25: 1-17

Komarowska I, Coe D, Wang G, Haas R, Mauro C, Kishore M, Cooper D, Nadkarni S, Fu H, Steinbruchel DA, Pitzalis C, Anderson G, Bucy P, Lombardi G, Breckenridge R, and Marelli-Berg FM. Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor c-Met Instructs T Cell Cardiotropism and Promotes T Cell Migration to the Heart via Autocrine Chemokine Release. Immunity. 2015. 42: 1087-1099

Coe DJ, Kishore M, Marelli-Berg F. Metabolic regulation of regulatory T cell development and function. Front. Immunol. 2014. 5: 590.

Coe D, Addey C, White M, Harwood N, Dyson J, Chai JG. Distinct in vivo CD8 and CD4 T cell responses against normal and malignant tissues. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2013. 62(1): 101-12


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