Zolfaghari, Parjam

Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia and Honorary Senior Lecturer QMUL

Research: Metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction in sepsis, skeletal muscle dysfunction in critical illness, ventilator-associated pneumonia, extracorporeal respiratory support.

Dr Zolfaghari, PJ, graduated from UMDS- Guy’s and St.Thomas’ Hospitals medical school in London in 1997. He undertook Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine training at North East London region, Barts and London school. He completed his PhD on mitochondria and skeletal muscle dysfunction in sepsis at UCL and Bloomsbury Institute of Intensive Care Medicine in 2012. He has been a consultant in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at the Royal London hospital since 2012, with special interest in trauma, respiratory failure and support, hepatobiliary surgery and microbiology. He has been an honorary senior lecturer with Queen Mary, University of London since 2015. He was awarded Fellowship of Higher Education Academy in 2017 and is a module lead for the Critical Care Medicine MSc.

Summary of Research

Muscle loss and metabolism in Critical Illness
Sepsis and hospital acquired infections




Critical Care MSc
Trauma Sciences MSc

Key Publications

For a full list of publist publications click here

Zolfaghari PS, Carré J, Parker N, Curtin N, Duchen MR, Singer M. Skeletal muscle dysfunction is associated with derangements in mitochondrial bioenergetics (but not UCP3) in a rodent model of sepsis. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2015; 308(9): E713-725

Zolfaghari PS, Bollen-Pinto B, Dyson A, Singer M. The metabolic phenotype of rodent sepsis: Cause for concern? Intensive Care Medicine Exp 2013 1:6

Zolfaghari PS, Wyncoll DL. Tracheal tube: Gateway to ventilator associated pneumonia. Crit Care 2011; 15:310-17

Dr Parjam Zolfa
Adult Critical Care Unit,
4th Floor
The Royal London Hospital,
London E1 1BB
Tel. 0203 594 0345

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