WHRI Postdoctoral Network

Welcome to the WHRI Post-Doctoral Network (WPDN)! We represent the 100+ post-docs currently at WHRI.

Our Mission

The WPDN aims are:

  •       To support postdocs at the WHRI
  •       To provide a liaison between postdocs, the WHRI administration and the SMD faculty
  •       To represent a collective voice for issues that are of interest to postdocs.

The members of the WPDN committee will act on three different channels: 

Lab Life
Facilitate communication and networking between postdocs both within the Institute and within the University.

Social Life 
Provide information and support so that postdocs can make the most of their time in London. Create a social and intellectual network for postdocs throughout the University.

Promote professional enrichment, development and training.

We will pursue these aims in the spirit of inclusivity, democracy, approachability and active engagement. 

Please feel free to contact us: whri-wpdn@qmul.ac.uk


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