The William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI) is a world leading Pharmacological Centre with a vibrant, multidisciplinary scientific environment devoted to therapeutic innovation in cardiovascular, endocrine and inflammatory diseases. Our major strength is in bringing scientists with different skills together, combining disciplines ranging from genetics, cell biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, advanced imaging and clinical trials with therapeutic innovation.


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13 January 2017
Major Grant awarded to resolve debate on treatment after surgery
QMUL has been awarded $1.5m (1.2m) by Edwards Lifesciences to carry out a study into debated therapy for preventing complications, especially infections, after major surgery.

6 January 2017
How the brain helps the body fight bacteria
"The brain may not only control our thoughts and physical functions," writes Dr Jesmond Dalli in The Conversation.

12 December 2016
White blood cell treatment could prevent leading cause of foetal death
Treating a type of white blood cell using hormones could improve the development of the
placenta in women with pregnancy complications according to early research led by QMUL. 

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