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William Harvey Research Institute Brochure

The William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI) is a world leading Pharmacological Centre with a vibrant, multidisciplinary scientific environment devoted to  therapeutic innovation in cardiovascular, endocrine and inflammatory diseases.

  • Cutting edge translational research at WHRI, alongside the therapeutic innovation spirit of the Institute and its members, rewarded today by a significant deal between Pfizer, MRC Technology and QMUL. More info at link
  • 350 scientists and clinicians from 44 Nations Worldwide with 65% staff rated world-class or internationally leading in RAE 2008.
  • Top paper in Worldwide Science in 2007, top 10 papers in cardiovascular research in 2009 and 2011.
  • 12 BHF, Wellcome, NIHR, MRC, The Gates Foundation and EU Programmes.
  • NIHR Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit (£12 million since 2008).
  • Joint Cardiovascular Programme with UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.
  • Arthritis Research UK Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre (2012).

Events & Fundraising

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